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Looking for a Pink Slip in the Manly Area?

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Looking for a Pink Slip in the Manly Area?

The RTA have stopped issuing Rego Renewal labels for your vehicle.

As lots of our customers relied on this sticker to know when their car needed its pink slip, we have made our own renewal stickers for your vehicle.

Pop into North Manly Tyres to pick up a sticker to remind you when your Pink Slip is due.

We have also set up a text reminder service for your Pink Slip and your next Service date. Either pop in and see us or give us a call on 02 9905 6575 to be added to this service.

Happy motoring.

Northern Beaches Brake Repairs & Brake Check Ups

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Northern Beaches Brake Repairs & Brake Check Ups

Brake pads, linings and rotors are all parts from your vehicle’s brake system and are housed next to each of the four wheels.

They work in operation principally by pushing against one another to create friction, which in turn stops the car.

There are 2 kinds of car brake systems: disc brakes and drum brakes.

Disc brakes are the most common system used in vehicles today, and they’re very much like the hand brakes on a bike.

When you apply the car’s brakes, the brake pads squeeze the spinning disc rotor that’s attached to the wheel.

The friction, when applied to each of the wheels, slows the car down to a complete stop if necessary.

The second type of car brakes are called drum brakes. Drum brakes involve brake shoes that push out against a spinning drum, which is attached to the wheel. Once again friction in turn slows the car when the brakes are applied.

Because friction is the force used in both braking systems, brake parts are expected and will wear out over time.

The questions most motorist face are,

  1. how worn out are they?
  2. are they worn out enough that they need replacing?

That’s what this service is all about checking these components for wear and other potential problems.

Should I do a Brake Service when it’s recommended?


Why do I have to do a Brake Service or Brake Check Up?

In short, you do this service so you don’t crash – both you and your family’s life is much more precious than any small service/check up fee..

What happens if I don’t do a Brake Service or Brake Check Up?

If you neglect your brake pads and shoes, your brakes will ultimately fail.

Worn brakes also cause damage to other, more expensive brake parts, such as rotors, drums and calipers.

Is there any maintenance required between intervals?

If you notice any of the following signs and symptoms when you brake …

  •     flashing brake warning light
  •     squealing, chirping or grinding noises
  •     pulsations in the brake pedal
  •     shaky steering wheel
  •     increased stopping distance
  •     car pulls to one side when you stop

… your brakes may require servicing. Make an appointment with North Manly Tyre & Mechanical right away.